Comic 17 - EDM: Chronicles Coming Soon

Monday, the 31st of May at 11:59 AM, 2010
EDM: Chronicles Coming Soon
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Author Notes:

Tom Day Monday, the 31st of May at 11:59 AM, 2010 edit delete
Tom Day
We are busy putting this story together.
Coming SOON!
Yellowbreeze Thursday, the 3rd of June at 7:04 AM, 2010 edit delete
A family shares a secret they are not ashamed of it
Although the thought of banishing monsters doesn't well sit
This boy was hoping he wouldn't be able to see
Everyday monsters that surround us all, including me.


BishopFrenzy Sunday, the 13th of June at 2:44 AM, 2010 edit delete
Haha, cool you guys! I like the art! And the concept reminds me of Darkside -- can you say "potential crossover"!?
Tom Day Monday, the 14th of June at 4:26 AM, 2010 edit delete
Tom Day
That would be cool Bishop! I think your monsters would scare ours!
DerrickMichael5 Monday, the 20th of December at 4:31 PM, 2010 edit delete
I miss this comic. The creatures where really cool and I'd love to see them actually applied into a story
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