Fretful Pucker Snort
by Yellowbreeze


As you might have seen.... There is a new Everyday Monster to celebrate! cryingFretful Pucker Snort surpriseisn't just a pretty face, she spends days avoiding creditors phone calls and standing on top of her BILLS folder, fretting and stewing over unpaid bills everywhere!indecision

Have an idea for a monster? Let us know... and we might make it a Everyday Monster reality!


My mother....
by Yellowbreeze

My mother has created a duo set of monsters. Door Bell and Dum Bell; The Bell Twins.

enlightenedI am going to be writing something for them soon and hopefully Thomas will draw up alittle something so we can see these momma monsters come to life!wink

Starting the Everyday Monsters live art stream!
by Tom Day

Hi All,

We are adding a live art stream to Everyday Monsters, the thought is to be able to "sit in" on the art sessions with my wife Yellowbreeze and I while we are creating some art.

There will also be a live chat that can be accessed during the sessions... we cant wait to start this, should be alot of fun!

We will post in the forum when we are going to do one!

See you there.


Working on another comic.
by Tom Day

In this video I am drawing one of my other characters that I am writing a story for called RUBY.

What kind of monsters do you have?
by Tom Day

Let me know what monsters you deal with everyday and I just might illustrate them.

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